Causeway Challenge

Full Marathon results

1.Mark Vallelly2:30:355
4.Stephen McCullough3:20:1037
6.Seamus Bradley3:26:3926
7.Simon Reeve3:32:1763
8.Chris Collins3:39:0553
9.Karen Wilton3:46:3776
10.Geoff Smythe3:50:0782
11.Rodney Livingstone3:53:3269
14.Jonny McKeown4:10:1681
15.tony Wright4:11:4768
17.Stephen Anderson4:24:2030
18.Jianping Zhang4:26:0684
19.Drew Smythe4:26:2135
20.Helen Byers4:28:0491
22.David Hamill4:36:5111
23.Ronald Johnston4:42:2465
24.Paul Mckenzie4:45:4421
25.Gary Weir4:48:0679
26.Nigel McMorris4:50:2245
27.Peter Ferris4:51:1650
28.Graham Beattie5:00:0987
30.Johnston Kirkpatrick5:01:3983
31.Stephen Pendleton5:02:4892
32.Gordon Moore5:09:0858
33.William Baird5:12:522
34.David McConvile5:14:1846
35.Gordon Glenn5:15:3585
36.Alexander McCullough5:18:397
37.James McNally5:20:1589
38.Joseph McConvile5:28:0447
39.Gregory Cahoon5:28:0671
40.Thomas McKinstry5:30:5042
41.Brian Murray5:30:5073
42.Kathleen Mckeown5:40:3431
43.Claire Rimmer5:41:4255
44.Ashley Briggs5:41:4354
45.Naomi Lusty5:42:063
46.Roisin Catney5:42:1678
47.Paul Bracken5:42:188
48.Norma Gibson5:42:231
49.Nick Wilson5:44:5759
50.Colin Alexander5:49:4316
51.Chris McParland5:50:3948
52.Alison Irwin5:54:296
53.Elaine McIlnulty5:56:5190
54.Jonathon Lindsay5:56:5977
55.Mark Vallelly6:18:5894
56.Susan Vallelly6:19:0095
57.Stephen Williamson6:22:2333
58.Diane Woods6:22:4586
59.Paul Silcock6:22:5567
60.Adam McCalden6:25:5814
62.Jacqueline Moore6:46:0957
63.Anna Heasley6:57:4093
64.Maureen Su7:25:4841
65.Francis Brown7:27:2480
66.Nicole Macy8:13:3739
67.Katherine Wales8:13:4340

Half Marathon Results

1.Orlagh Brownlow1:37:10141
2.Ryan Armstrong1:45:49128
3.Brian Thorn1:54:29134
4.Mark Thorn1:57:44133
5.Veronica Powell1:58:58154
6.Debbie McConnell2:00:22123
7.Les Maneely2:03:01173
8.Fiona McFall2:03:17124
11.David Rainey2:06:21121
12.Garry Bones2:08:45142
13.Sara Creighton2:09:33125
14.James Lowry2:12:15156
15.Nicola White2:14:20149
16.Kathryn Reid2:14:30153
17.Noreen McKillop2:15:04136
18.Diane Rogan2:17:43127
19.Ryan Nicholl2:20:56152
20.Gary McGuickan2:21:17135
21.Steven McCawille2:22:08145
22.John Neeson2:23:46143
23.Angela Steele2:27:49126
24.Ian Morrow2:33:14122
25.Peter Teague2:44:44146
26.Deborah Kilpatrick2:46:23144
27.Gail Arbuckle3:00:19155
28.Alison Mackey3:00:20175
29.Carol Woods3:09:37129
30.Karen Hanson3:09:43130
33.Philip Hamilton3:44:58151
34.Wendy Lavery4:22:20119
35.Maia Matthews5:38:52163
36.1 Whiteside5:38:56168
37.Paul Matthews5:39:47157
38.3 Whiteside5:39:48170
39.Marcus Whiteside5:39:56167
40.Zara Matthews5:40:01162
41.Carolyn Patterson5:40:39147
42.Nigel Heasley5:40:42164
43.2 Whiteside5:41:12169
44.Zara Matthews5:41:14160
45.Connor Matthews5:41:14159
46.Karla Matthews5:42:06158

10k Results

1.Michael Reid51:06208
3.Noel Adair58:42219
4.Emma Doherty1:09:19202
8.Julie Virtue1:17:49215
9.Caroline Finlay1:18:32201
10.Lorna McKinstry1:22:18204
11.James Fullerton1:25:30205
12.Kirsty Hill1:25:31206
13.Rachel Mckeown1:59:34213
14.Donna Bradley1:59:45212
15.Chris Cedarfield2:04:20225
16.William Hamill2:04:27216
17.Karen Walker2:04:28224
18.Louise Hamill2:04:37217
19.Carolyn Johnston2:04:39229
20.Johnathon Keys4:15:0198
21.Rachel Hyndman4:15:0297
22.Alison Keys4:15:1196

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