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Oakland Young Driver

The insurance solution for young drivers brought to you by your local insurance experts, Oakland Insurance.


Oakland keeps you safer by having the Co Pilot in your car.

Our approach combines initial education through our Driving Academy with the use of an on-board dashboard device to monitor speed, driving behaviour and driving habits. We also have driver improvement courses to make sure we are providing you with the best possible Young Driver price but also keeping you safe in your first years of driving.

We can provide Young Driver Quotes. There may be further discounts and options available that we would like to talk through with you. Call into one of our local branches or call us on… 028 9570 4035

Using satellite technology, our Co Pilot telematics device monitors driving behaviour, overnight parking, mileage and speed with the highest accuracy and reliability. It works independent of your vehicle and mobile phone and provides feedback to help you assess your driving behaviour via our telematics app.

The Device

The Oakland Insurance Co Pilot Young Driver solution is based around a telematics box supplied by Thingco. Thingco is an Insurtech Company, focusing on developing next generation telematics built on the latest technology.



The App puts you in control of your driving, granting you access to your personalised driving score, mapped journeys and events such as accidents and speeding, giving you the ability to observe and adapt your driving behaviour and become a safer driver.